I have been shooting surfers and seascapes around Portugal, for over a decade now.

My purpose in taking photographs over the past ten years has ultimately been autobiographic. I have surfed, dived and sailed here for more than three decades now. It has been fundamentally a philosophical and existential trip.


I am a photographer, but I wished I was a poet.

João Bracourt


“They all overvalued the importance of stability.” 
Robert Greene


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Print Is Not Dead: Prime Surfing Mag

Happy to have this spread of Nic von Rupp published in the latest Prime Surfing mag edition. The cover has Leon Glazer flying high in the tropics. Too fantastic german Homo sapiens specimens with a touch of neanderthal raw power. Specimen 1 Specimen 2 “Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.” Frank Zappa … Continue reading Print Is Not Dead: Prime Surfing Mag

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