I have been shooting surfers and seascapes in Portugal, for over a decade now.

My purpose in taking photographs over the past ten years has ultimately been autobiographic. I have surfed, dived and sailed around Sagres for more than 30 years now. It has been fundamentally a philosophical and existential trip.


I am a photographer, but I wished I was a poet.

João Bracourt


“They all overvalued the importance of stability.” 
Robert Greene


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Surf, eat, party, repeat, repeat, repeat. Catched a ride to my birth place Figueira da Foz (thanks Jerome) couldn´t miss this year´s Gliding Barnacles Festival. Time for T, The Parkinsons, some stylish loggers and cool people were gonna be there too, some too cool… Not to mention the barbecues, beer and wine, etc. Paul Mcneill … Continue reading What Does A Barnacle Do?

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