Stumbled upon this surfboard company called Breklim.  I thought my nickname was unique, it still is (Brek), but this one is very similar. I found out they called it that after a dog, not me. I was thinking Brek and Shaolim... The boards are said to be made of sustainable wood from the Azores: "Carved … Continue reading Breklim


Gliding Barnacles: Day Shift

The concert´s change of venue from Figueira da Foz to Cabedelo beach just made us surf more. Day and night, partying until 3/4/5 am. Most of the guys crashed here, in the vans,  tents, hangar, etc. Barbecues; small market including Gato Heroi´s shapes, shorts; Surf Brewing beers...  At taste of paradise. Or hell. This year´s … Continue reading Gliding Barnacles: Day Shift

Gliding Barnacles: The Night Shift

On the road to somewhere was this year´s Gliding Barnacles festival tag line. Got there a little later than usual, but just in time for the night shift. This edition had night surfing going on, one of the many creative ideas that architect Miguel Figueira puts down. I could hear Amy Hewton´s screams in the … Continue reading Gliding Barnacles: The Night Shift

It´s A Narrow Open Road: Part V

Stupid smartphone was, at last, sort of finished. It survived the asphalt and the rubber from the cars in Figueira da Foz for a while, but was now in a coma. Starting my trip back home and riding those 300 miles down south with no phone looked like the perfect way to finish this micro … Continue reading It´s A Narrow Open Road: Part V

It´s A Narrow Open Road: Part IV

Figueira da Foz is where I was born and my dearest place. Think I´ll never forget it´s long waves peeling off in the distance, one after the other as I walked back home from school at Rua do Pinhal. I love Algarve, where I live, the short winters and beautiful weather make me feel like … Continue reading It´s A Narrow Open Road: Part IV

It´s A Narrow Open Road: Part III

Upwards over the mountain, Sintra mountain. As I expected the wind kind of stopped up here. Thought about checking Praia Grande, rang monster tube hunter Nic von Rupp, but he didn´t anwser. No reception inside Indo tubes... Time to enjoy my country´s feelings. Lost myself again and ended up at Magoito beach. Just how I … Continue reading It´s A Narrow Open Road: Part III

It´s A Narrow Open Road: Part II

Alone at last. It is nice to have friends, wife and things, but it is better to have nothing. This was why I was traveling too, never got that thing: I want to find myself... I want to get rid of me! Get lost!!! Welcome to the dark side of the moon. This 100 km … Continue reading It´s A Narrow Open Road: Part II