Drone Games

Got to try my drone the other day. I think it´s better for landscape and lifestyle shots, but here´s a few action ones. Check it out!

2 goofies
and a regular

This sand bank was onfire. Super holow lefts for hours! Marlon, Harry and Roby were on it. I wanted to be in the other, but my housing is broken. Surf the point break after it and had a blast. The sky turned pink around sunset.

dirty harry

I was joking ,of course, just hiked my way across the cliffs!


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Marlon Puppy: Can’t You Take a Joke ?

Rain squalls and burgers could be the title of this post. Chasing pro surfers is weird enough… Woke up at Sagres came back home, off to Aljezur, raining, raining. Shit.

catch of the day

Somewhere over the rainbow there were some pots of gold as usual. Alex Botelho and Ivo Santos were on it. I will be on it tommorow. Fuckers!


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Castelejo Longboard Classic

Small waves and friendly longboarders yesterday! We just randomly got to the beach and suddenly we were like 10 loggers in the water. Had to get in for a while and shoot the crew, check it out:


Happy campers, despite the overcast and little showers.


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Two Goofies and a Regular

Met up with Roby D´amicoHarry Timson and host Marlon Lipke aka Raul for a couple of sessions around the Algarve. The boys went straight to the lineup scoring good waves escaping the crowd that slowly packed the beach afterwards.

5 min check

First session was great with some barrels, the second one started slow, but went on to be just fine. Later in the day, as the wind droped, I ditched the camera, grabed my board and catched a couple of set waves myself. Stoked!


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Random Surfers: Martim Magalhães

And here is Romeu, sorry Martim lol, a young gun from south Portugal with a small in stature, but big in heart. Check him out!


Brek: How long have you been surfing?

Martim:  I think I’ve been in the surf for almost 10 years, I started a few days after arriving in the Algarve.

Brek:  Do you remmember your first good ride?

Martim: My first trip was the Maldives still in small, but I can not remember it so well!

Brek: What´s your regular spot?

Martim: Now I’m living in Ericeira, but the praia da rocha in the Algarve is where I always feel more at home.


Brek: What type of surfboard do you ride?

Martim: At the moment I do not have any brand of boards as a sponsor, as I’m still looking. But hi have al merrick al that I still quite like.Have you had any trouble in the water?

Brek: Have you had any trouble in the water?

Martim: So far I have not had problems, just normal things.

home is where your heart is

Brek: Where was your last epic session?

Martim: Best of these recent times probably was at Coxos, Ericieira.

Brek: What´s your favorite food?

Martim:  My food I do not know, I have several things that I like especially, but maybe bread!

Brek: Any message you want to leave here…

Martim: Make the most of the moments when surfers, if possible travel to several different places always respecting other people !!!


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Lean & Not So Mean

Its been a couple of months since my master cleanse. Alex Botelho also did it after me and theres a bunch of friends thinking about it now. I am very happy with it and I still havent gained weight since. Here I am going for a body surf in Peniche!


Just staying away from bread, milk and cheese. Never cared for pizzas, yak! Zero junk food of course. Ah! no potatos apart from the sweet ones.

need new trunks

“Cold is my warm friend.” Wim Hof


KISA’ Lagos Surf Pizza

Kisa pizzeria is a diferent kind of restaurant it´s got a surfshop and a galley below. It´s in the Salty lodge building in the center of Lagos, Portugal, a city with a growing surf scene. Here we celebrated it´s late launch in August. Thanks Chiara and Marco!!!

Drop by and check out my photos as well as Jorge Teixeira and Vasco Valadas ones!


Random Surfers: Salvador & Cunha

lets go

And here we have Salvador Varela and António Cunha, Praia da Rocha´s surf pioneers. A business man in the tourism field and a commercial plane pilot geting back in the water after decades of hard work.

Brek: How long…?

Sal: 1977

Cunha: 1977 1/2

Brek: Do you remmember your first ride?

Sal: Finnish (daughter)

Cunha: Finnish (mother)

Brek: Surfboard?

SalRetro Movement

Cunha: Yours

Commander Cunha

Brek: Bad day?

Sal: Never

Cunha: Always

Brek: Good day?

Sal: Always

Cunha: Never

mj tonue and all

Brek: Dream session?

Sal: Alaska

Cunha: Prainha, RJ

Brek: Food?

Sal: Costeletas de porco preto

Cunha: Favas à algarvia


Brek: Massage?

Sal: Uuuuuhhh!

Cunha: “Happy food”