Best Shot Wins with Russel Ord

From this photos you can see why Russel Ord is currently my favourite photographer. Turns out he is the down to earth kind of guy that is willing to share his story and vision with all of us. Check this interview he gave me:

How did it start, what was your relation to the ocean before you started this photography thing?

Surf photography really started for me by accident, I received a knee injury while surfing myself and while I had a small interest inphotography and played around with cameras in the past I decided to start shooting my friends while injured on the beach, I really enjoyed those times and continued with a purchase of a water housing and that’s when I knew it was something for me. Surfing myself for all those years certainly gave me an advantage in the water because I felt I had a good understanding of the ocean all I had to do know was get those first lot of slides exposed correctly which did take some time.

Why you do this?

I am passionate about being in the water and challenging my own levels of photography, I do struggle with crowds and shooting when I have a lack of interest with the swell, I really need to work on making the most of all situations.

Whats your style of shooting?

I love to be in the water and once I have the stock standard shot that I am sure the magazines love, I will try and get some angles that are more challenging, I am willing to give up all the other shots to try and make this happen so I would say my style is up close and personal.

Favourite places to shoot?

I love to shoot around home (Margaret River) the waves are great and places like the Box are fantastic for water photography, I also like to explore the many bombies/slabs that litter the coast line and try my luck with these.

How´s your perfect shot is going to be?

I have been working on shooting a wave that wins the biggest slab award here in Australia, I would love to capture this from the water (wide angle) and have in the past but I really want to push my own boundaries,a lot of preparation goes into a shot like this not just photo wise but also personal safety, I will be able look back in years to come and know what went into that one photo.

How do you see the photo industry this days?

Its very difficult and a cut throat industry with the new crew not taking the time to learn the business side of their chosen profession,to be honest I don’t care what the next person is doing or who is doing what because in the end my whole focus is in the water and my own personal challenge,when I find myself in that type of mind frame good things seem to follow, it would be great to see “best shot wins” and companies paying accordingly.

Words of advice for the young people?

Learn all the aspects of surf photography including the business side, take your time and don’t be afraid to ask questions especially on surf photography etiquette, it is a very difficult industry at times but if you are really passionate you will never fail unless you give up, be your own best critique this way when you submit photos or finally put only your work out there that has quality.


Check Ordy´s website, facebook and blog.


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