ONGs 101

Surf Aid, Orangutan Foundation International and other non governmental organizations may be respectfull companies, but the question is: Is the moneys being well spent?

Dikatiet kids having fun with rests of turists surfboards.

Surfaid for what I understood from my 4 years in Indonesia defend that nothing should be given to the mentawai people, specially food and medicine, their mantra is to educate the population, like for instance to eat fruit. The apeal to give sometimes can be harmfull I understand that. One time some Telo natives tried to sell us a Lemur and I was totally against that for obvius reasons, but if someones sick you can help by giving away some pills for sure. One time Surfaid speed boat guys charged me for a ride to Dikatiet I wonder where that money went…

Bukit Lawang Orangutang.

In Bukit Lawang the german owner of a Hotel told me how millions of dollars were deviated from the Orangutangs each year. It´s really sad to experience that reality. Saviors earning cash in the name of charity while people and animals suffer. I am not juding who´s good and who´s bad here the facts are clear and corruption is high.

Philanthropy is great, but transparency is essencial my friends and today you can run with the money but you cant hide. Thats a great thing about the internet.

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