The Luckiest Photog In The World

Phill Goodrich
Phill Goodrich

Met Phil in 2010. I remember this skinny guy with a great style and a beautifull surfing line at Asu. After that I got to shoot him in the water at big Lagundri Bay in Nias, got a good one. Just a week ago in the Kingfisher Bay Resort he told me it is still one of his favourite photos of all time. Lucky for me, he´s painting me an empty wave I shot at Hinako, I called it the dragon, it doesnt exist, but will come to life soon.

Nias 2009
Nias 2010

Everything happens for a reason…

Phill´s art
Phill´s art

Check Phill´s amazing work here.

The lucky pic
The Dragon

Can´t wait to see how the Dragon will look like painted from such a connoisseur of the Suamtra waves and great artist Phill is.


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