Nike Ad

happy with my epic setup
happy with my red epic and zeiss setup

Got hired to shoot a small part of a nike ad as a water cameraman. It was suposed to be around real surfing, but turned out to be about swimming, paddling, etc by surfer/model Laura Crane. The dop was great, I liked his ideas, although almost impossible to make. Shooting closeups over/under water with a 50mm with cinema resolution and no chance for croping was a challenge. I went for it “just do it” mode, but got about 20% usable takes and was sacked. They said I was a photographer and they should have hired a real cameraman, wich they did the next day. He fucked up too with 5 sessions (I had one) half the swell size, clean conditions, full resolution (crop option), etc.

the best photo assistant vitor polanovki
the best photo assistant ever: vitor polanovski

Having Vitor as an assistant was really Epic, we had an instant understanding of the shoot and he didnt miss an exposure or prefocusing setup. We had good results with the 32mm, but…

laura and celine having a laugh in between shoots
laura and celine having a laugh in between shoots

Great stuff from Laura too, 16 degrees water, storm surf and despite a little seasickness, wich included some throwing up on the first day she took it very professionaly. Let´s be patient and see what the editor has to say about our footage.


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