Inside Red Bull´s Illume Book

Hard cover
a beautiful hard cover book
me pic under masseen´s
me pic under maassen´s one
stu gibson´s
i think i lost to stu gibson´s pic

Happy to get my copy of Red Bull´s Illume 2013 book in the mail today, didnt win the Leica, but what the heck I am side by side with the best in the field. Get yours here!


2 thoughts on “Inside Red Bull´s Illume Book

  1. You don’t loose to anyone. Just to yourself. Do your best with yourself. Everyday. Put your soul on it. And shake hands only to those who deserve it. The others will come, either-way, since they don’t know what they are doing. A career is a long marathon. And this, … this is a wonderful work!

  2. Sounds cliche, but isnt VR. Unfortunately I know now who I am dealing with. Thats the way it goes, you got to have some skin in the game like nassim taleb says. The most stupid quote I ever heard was from “a serious man” cohen brothers: “just look at the parking lot Larry… There were nothing there…New eyes!”So stupid yet true and hard to get it. Kind of an ant thing, stupid heuristic that saves everybody I guess.

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