My Influencies

"the composer refuses to die" f.zappa
“the composer refuses to die” f.zappa

Most of my influencies are from people outside photography, I think this is great because it gives you less chance of copying their style and focus more on understanding their vision.

Music –  Frank Zappa

Cinema –  Cohen brothers

Painter – Robert Rauschenberg

Philosopher – Nietzsche

Cientist – Nassim Taleb

Photographer – Roger Ballen

Surfer – Tom Curren

tom servais
photo: tom servais

I don´t think I have had a big inspiration from surf photogs, maybe the Jeff Flindt water shots… or Chris Burkard lineups, but I have hollow waves, radical surfers and beautiful scenery to shoot anyway so I think my style came naturally.

Recently I have been really inspired by Nassim Taleb´s Antifragile theory, check his lectures on youtube, amazing.

Last but not least I have been under the influence of Super Bock for some decades now.


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