Searching For Xana

xana brad and baldwin
xana brad and baldwin

Met up with Aaron Chang and some american pro surfers at Ponta Ruiva back in the day. Xana, a long time hardcore explorer of this mythical coast, was on it and stealed the show. He later apeared surfing on a national tv show with Brad Gerlach sharing some kind words about him. After some years he was found dead on the bottom of a cliff and has been almost forgotten since. Most of todays young surfers don´t even know he ever existed here. I will always remenber a perfect slab we surfed with flawless conditions and a floater he did at Beliche on a 6 foot peak that could have been a stand up barrel ride. Love to your family, rest in peace brother.

9 thoughts on “Searching For Xana

  1. I was surfing in Brazil a few years back in Paracuru which is in the middle of nowhere and this young kid was out and he was not the best surfer in the world but I was amazed at how well such a young kid could ride switch footed. He could drift his tail and do some pretty decent turns. The sad thing was he knew no English and I could barely speak Portuguese so we only just exchanged some vague sentences about where I was from. The rest of the day we just hooted at each others rides.

    Cool to know that there are great surfers everywhere and some no one really knows about. Sad that your friend passed away though. It is sad to see talented people leave before they had a chance to get going.

    1. For a while I tought youd met him in brazil, he went for 3 or 4 months, he also went to australia, but surfing in europe was taking its first steps, not much incentives. I think that killed him. Peace!

  2. Saudoso MEGA-ídolo de infância…Tive o prazer e a sorte de acompanhá-lo em algumas surfadas na Meia, Rocha Negra e Ponta Ruiva!
    Born to soon and gone to soon…Boa onda lembrares essa “fera algarvia”

  3. Xana… What a talent!.. Lot’s of good memories from one of the most interesting humans I ever met.. I miss the guy. His philosophies.. his way of seeing life. We did a few trips together. In and out of the Country.. In and out of our minds… Back in the day there were a few stand outs in the Algarve. Xana, Ze dos Caes, Xupa… Even this guy named Brek was tearing it up!! Good times!! Abraço from Califa!!

    1. Hey ze I was recently with Brek in Lisbon just last year, and also saw Xupa unfortunately we lost little Xana too early, last time I surfed with Ze dos Caes was in Zavial many moons ago . But we also had top surfers like Didi , Bedoga, Meahla Pagana and Ze Preto, I always believed the lack of funds and visual connections kept surfers in the algarve out of the spotlight compared o the North.

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