What Is Really Going Wrong/On?

1920 1280
1920 1280

I have had this pic misteryiously stollen for a campaign, shared on facebook pages and now my friend Keyser Söze found it here, it´s got 4.704 notes… I think am stoked, I am the only one with the hi rez file! Shit, maybe not, oops! Welcome to the 21st century.


3 thoughts on “What Is Really Going Wrong/On?

  1. It is probably great to see it passed around and commented on because it is a great photo. But stolen and used for someone’s campaign???

    Joys of technology. Easier sharing, easier to connect to each other, easier to duplicate for the masses. All taking from the mouth of the artist…

      1. That really turned a whole industry on it’s head and they are still trying to recover.

        Well, the good thing is that you are creating great works of art. Your photos are great so I guess it beats doing shoots and no one has an interest. Of course, it helps to get some form of compensation too.

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