The Guard

The surrender tactic.

7 years ago i had quit my life guard job in a beach near Alvor to pursuit a photography career and was quite sucessfull as you may know, but, the pending payments along with the burocratic side of it had wored me down. I renewed my license and in midlle of the summer got a call from a friend asking me to take his place, he was hit by a car riding his bycicle and had a broken wrist…


Destiny brought me this beautiful beach where my grandffather used to catch lot of schrimps. I have read a couple of great books, like Mastery by Robert Greene, wrote a little and meditated for the most part of this long algarve hot summer days. Right now its geting a bit boring, but the moneys welcome and soon I ll be heading north to my birth place Figueira da Foz to do a workshop at the Gliding Barnicles event. I am also puting my energy in a photo contest and planing an upcoming exhibition in Lisbon. Another positive aspect about this stopage was the time to rethink my photography and try to continue my path getting better and better, hopefully on my way to mastery.

Oil on digital
Dirty job..

I ll be Brek.


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