Inside Marroco

Living in the Algarve I can catch a plane from Seville and in less than 2 hours I am in Marrakesh, a great destiny in itself. But for me the main reason to go back to Marroco is wandering around in public buses and taxis. I believe trying to fit inside a packed Mercedes 240 with 7 or more persons is northern Africa´s version of nirvana. Local buses are also cool, the high cliffs provide plenty of suspense in between dangerous curves, the old buses seem like they will desintegrate at any moment as the drivers push them to the limit.
This pictures are from trips where I went solo and met the Guichard twins in Tagazout. They speak french, a litlle arabic and berber and their grandfather is egypcian so they are almost locals. Thats a litlle help negociating transportation prices.


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