Having Fun On My Singlefin

Had the luck to have friend Tó Mané take this pictures of me the last weekend. It was during the GShock event at my home break, it´s sponsored by Surfterra, a photo platform you should check out.

snappy me
hacking it

This is me on my trusty Retro Movement 6´1 singlefin. A bit hard to turn, but fast as hell down the line.


Really proud to be surfing this place for almost 30 years now. Best wave in the world!


2 thoughts on “Having Fun On My Singlefin

  1. grande senior é uma alegria ver surf assim com uma single fin ainda mais quando essa single fin foi feita por mim, (com a ajuda da Super Bock, mas issue são pormenores….)
    abraço Brek!!

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