Master Cleanse: Conclusion

Had to start drinking orange juice on day 6 since I had to work that day and needed more energy. On day seven I started to eat soup and on day 8 regular food. I am not eating white food (rice, bread, milk, etc). I lost 10 kilos, I am 1, 84cm tall and now I weight 83 kgs. I feel great with more energy and I am loving my fruit and salads, although I still eat meat.

a new brek

I highly recommend this fasting besides feeling lighter and healthier I now respect m body in terms of not puting shit food inside me. My advice to do this is to be at home and if you need sleep for 2 days, just relax do the salt water flush, take the laxative tea and get rid of all the mucus stuck inside you from eating all that crap.


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