Random Surfers: Maria

Here is Maria, daughter of Joao Rosario, former portuguese spearfishing champion. Beware. She was into sailing, but started surfing full on an year ago. Its a blessing to have her big smile in the water.

not just another pretty face

Brek: How long have you been surfing? 

M: 1 year

Brek: Do you remmember your first good ride? 

M: No but I have some fun ones stuck in my head!

Brek: What´s your regular spot?

M: Praia da Rocha.

go girl

Brek: What´s your favourite type of surfboard?

M: Longboard.

Brek: Have you had any trouble in the water?

M: Cold water is not for me.

Brek: Where was the best session you had lately?

M: Chambre d’Amour,France nice tubes, glass, hot water and a bunch of friends.

dont drop in

Brek: What´s your favorite food?

M:  Anything but meat, seafood is perfect for me.

Brek: Any message you want to leave for the surf community?

M: Live everyday like it was the last!


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