Random Surfers: Salvador & Cunha

lets go

And here we have Salvador Varela and António Cunha, Praia da Rocha´s surf pioneers. A business man in the tourism field and a commercial plane pilot geting back in the water after decades of hard work.

Brek: How long…?

Sal: 1977

Cunha: 1977 1/2

Brek: Do you remmember your first ride?

Sal: Finnish (daughter)

Cunha: Finnish (mother)

Brek: Surfboard?

SalRetro Movement

Cunha: Yours

Commander Cunha

Brek: Bad day?

Sal: Never

Cunha: Always

Brek: Good day?

Sal: Always

Cunha: Never

mj tonue and all

Brek: Dream session?

Sal: Alaska

Cunha: Prainha, RJ

Brek: Food?

Sal: Costeletas de porco preto

Cunha: Favas à algarvia


Brek: Massage?

Sal: Uuuuuhhh!

Cunha: “Happy food”




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