Casa da Tocha: Vernissage

This friday 13th was the opening of my last photographic exhibition at this beautiful place Casa da Tocha in Portimão, Algarve, Portugal. It´s a series of pics called Oestreminis wich means extreme west.


I am too tired to say much now, but it was worth the effort, I think it was a great gallery show. Thanks for having me guys, hope everyone had a good time, honored to spread our love for the ocean and specially the Costa Vicentina a magical place. Check out the pics:

Thanks for the photos Salty Frames!


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One thought on “Casa da Tocha: Vernissage

  1. A truly enjoyable evening, where you gather 3 generations of your family and some best friends. Well done!
    From the spot “Casa da Tocha” (Portimao, Algarve) we got good wine, good food, reasonable prices and nice smiles!

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