Neorion: Phase one

Time to cross the Atlantic ocean folks. Not a pacific thing to do, the north Atlantic is no joke. We have had some problems with electronic, leakings, bildge pump, etc. Made it to Madeira island and soon we will be off to the Canary islands. The boat is a classic schooner named Neorion. Beautiful, beautiful!

waiting for my skipper

In two weeks or so off to Antigua! Barbuda, Barbados, whatever. Check out the pics from the first part of the trip.

Despite going off season on this voyage we had a great start with good winds and made great progress on the first days.


After 2 days of smooth sailing shit happened and it only got worse: the auto pilot stoped working and then the bildge pump went kaput. We made it anyway, now we are licking our wounds preparing to get back on our feet.

bye spi

Antigua here we come!


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