Portuguese Man O’ War

tunnel vision

Las weekend we had the honor to see Frederico Morais aka Kikas surf in our beautiful Algarve. The level he was displaying was phenomenal. Unfortunatly the waves did not cooperate. Swell, winds and sandbanks combination here make this place a very fickle one.

on point

Friend Gastao Entrudo was on the water shooting video. This guy can take a beating… Always fun to see him amidst shorebreak closeouts and rips. It was a bad call because the banks were crap, but nonetheless a good try guys.

kikas finding an odd good one
back to lissabon

You should have been here yesterday.


The name “man o’ war” comes from the man-of-war, an 18th-century armed sailing ship, and the cnidarian’s supposed resemblance to the portuguese version at full sail.

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