Dont´Foil Yourself

drop wallet

Let me introduce you Arnaud Dussen. I know this kid since the early 90´s. His family own a windsurfing school on the other side of the river from where I live in the Algarve, Portugal. I would ride my bike to surf Ferragudo and sometimes I would see him sailing his skate or doing something weird. He´s has been into windsurfing, kite, sup and now he is shredding his paddle board with this foil.

taking off

I like to ride my single fin log without a leash, but it´s cool to see this technology experiments. Hope I dont need a jet board soon, but never say never.

cuts like a knife
hail arnaud

Bodyboard, Jetski, Paddle board, Jetboard, Foil… It´s all good in moderation. Check out this cool article about hydrofoils by stab mag here. If you think your are ready check this foils at F-ONESUP.

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.”
Oscar Wilde


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