Print Is Not Dead: Pacific Longboarder

circular plate

In the ultra modern age of the 21st century plates are square or even triangular. To be honest, I am pretty conservative when it comes to food, it´s not that I am against brazillian wax, but gourmet, design and sushi… Anyway, found inspiration for my Pacific Longboarder magazine piece in this old plate of mine, check it out.

dantas, kiko and wheels

Haven´t yet received the magazine from down under. I got people though, Eurico Kiko Romaguera is in Australia and sent me this pics of the real thing. Wish I could grab it, smell it, etc. It has got a little bit of everything from this beautiful coasts.

diogo appletone
ericeira, arrifana and a taste of madeira
dan, diogo and dantas
matteo surfing in figueira da foz

O Fado nasceu um dia,
quando o vento mal bulia
e o céu o mar prolongava,
na amurada dum veleiro,
no peito dum marinheiro
que, estando triste, cantava,
que, estando triste, cantava.

Ai, que lindeza tamanha,
meu chão , meu monte, meu vale,
de folhas, flores, frutas de oiro,
vê se vês terras de Espanha,
areias de Portugal,
olhar ceguinho de choro.

Amália Rodrigues



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