Boy Toys

2 fools in love

Me and my mate Jerome just got some new surfboards from The Retro Movement shaped by the charismatic Dan Costa! Both are 7’2 and were inspired by a Devon Howard stick. Check out what he has to say about eggs on Surf Splendor Podcast.



One of my favourite aspects in surfing has always been carving at high speeds. This design is great for that because of the drive and the ability it has to hold de rail in the water. Can not wait to be riding it soon!

symmetric i  hope


The shaper is this guy, he has a bad temper some say. I tend to be friends with this people… Check out his new website here.

check out the templar cross

“I wish that when they asked us: What is surfing? I would have said it’s a spiritual activity, and not just a sport, because that’s what put us on the wrong track…”

Nat Young

All photos by Mazari


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