Jam Session

on location

A cool photoshoot of the new Jam Traction deckpads turned into a night out at Mellow Loco bar in Lagos and a great session at Zavial, the day after. The boys had come down from Lisbon, where Gony finished 2nd in the Caparica QS. Marlon Lipke, Roby D´amico, Hodei Collazo and cia smashed the lips of Zavial waves and then got smashed by some shots, courtesy of Marlon´s brother Melvin. Big wave rider Alex Botelho also turned up, at the beach only.


Now they are off to Zarautz for another QS contest. Check out this gallery with some of the glorious action that just went on around these southern parts.

It´s gonna be another hot summer… No wonder why Lagos is more famous overseas than Portugal´s own capital, Lisbon. Endless party, endless fun and fun surf. Life is good.

alex bauduin

Great to see some good surfers down here for a change. The kooks have conquered this place, but with slightly bigger surf it´s still possible to ride some waves without those clueless specimen around.

happy hangovers

I bet they smashed something else too, but what happens in Lagos…



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