People Who Used to Surf: Brad Flora


Met this punk last year at Ericeira, he comes from the east coast of the USA and has an unique style, wich is not very common nowadays. Love his boards paintjobs, crazy airs and careless attitude, specially surfing some slabs around Ericeira. The reason this kid is in this categorie (people who used to surf) is beacuse is still injured from last years epic Cave session with Nic von Rupp, Tory Meister and Albee Layer.


The wave he´s surfing here is the one that smashed him into the reef, injuring his knee, etc. Good news is that in one more month and he´ll be ok to surf again. It will be summer and hopefully Cave won´t be working. He´ll just punt, like the punk he is.

the killer wave

“What doesn´t kill you makes you stronger”F.Nietzsche



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