Gony Is All In

winning stick

Gony, Gonzalo. Moya, Zubizarreta, whatever. Surfer, entrepreneur and lover, not sure about the order. Friend. Stoked to see this guy doing well in my home town winning Liga Meo Figueira da Foz Pro. I have a lot of respect for this guys, like Marlon, Saca and Kikas now; travelling around the globe competing and for the most of the time loosing.


Setting up a businness like Jam Traction takes a lot of determination too. Think about  hustle and papper work… Would be easier to just rent a house…

mistery session
backlit magic

I feel priveleged to shoot and hangout with this dude around this parts. Pulling in, punting or having a drink at Mellow Loco. Amazing to watch him charge Ericeira´s slabs, like the wave on this post´s cover, too.

nice pads

Thanks for the inspiration buddy!


“You are all in, this is gonna kill you. Why not go all in on your potential?”

Jordan Peterson


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