Freddie “Astaire” Meadows

what he lives for

From the cold distant shores of Sweden came this friend of a friend who instantly became a friend by the name of Freddie Meadows. Marlon Lipke had already told me about this insane dude who explores secret slabs and does this crazy hikes, mostly by himself, sometimes at below zero temperatures. We met at Cordoama after a nice session, but as the tide filled in we tried Ponta Ruiva and scored some fun waves. His crew was great too (filming a documentary about him), specially his dad who was also charging, he has just passed the 69 mark. Beautiful age.

nice welcome

Hell Skipper Manuel Dantas was also ripping in his longboard and became instant brother of Freddie. We both scored some fun lefts on the other side of the bay before I shoot this photos. I surfed in board shorts ironacly it was the hottest day of the year.


“A way out north there was a fella,
fella I want to tell you about, fella
by the name of Big Meadows.”

Adpated from the Big lebowski opening monologue



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