What Does A Barnacle Do?

Surf, eat, party, repeat, repeat, repeat.

some of this years specimen

Catched a ride to my birth place Figueira da Foz (thanks Jerome) couldn´t miss this year´s Gliding Barnacles Festival. Time for T, The Parkinsons, some stylish loggers and cool people were gonna be there too, some too cool… Not to mention the barbecues, beer and wine, etc. Paul Mcneill was one of the invited artists and João Catarino did a good job also.

deni all the way from indonesia
amy and friends

Good to see Careca, Miguel, Eurico, Kiko, Filipe, Valter Vinagre, Margaux,  Rascal, Nick, Xue, Osório, Ricardo, Mauro, etc, etc,  again. Meet new friends like Amy, Damea and Maxime. Fun waves, good music… What more could you ask for?


Got to thank for the sidikit babi sandwich by Rei dos Leitões, lol. Dunno if Deni (indo boy) tried it… Not sure if he is islamic. The wine tasting was epic. Thankyou all and f+ck the Casino! Suckers!!! Lost a fortune there…


The standouts for me were Robin Falxa and Kris Hall. It wsas also nice to meet and get 2 board deals from the legend Thomas Bexon.

A barnacle has got to do what a barnacle has got to do…

barnacles are forever
epic vibes
epic times

See you next year brothers and sisters!

“You have everything but one thing: madness. A man needs a little madness or else – he never dares cut the rope and be free.” 
Nikos Kazantzakis



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