Broken Camera II

cordoama dreams

Broke my camera again. It was a while ago and this time didn´t have the guts to make another crowdfunding, my mistake… Started painting my pics while it was being repaired instead. Did this little exhibition and all at A Travessa restaurant. Thanks for the friends and family that turned up and António for the food and all. Happy days!

the artist is the one in black
full house

I painted some abstract stuff and collage before, but this was the first pictorial painting I did. Soft pastels. Don´t want to mess around yet. I will soon. Feels good to just surf and don´t follow the light.

the composer refuses to die
ponta ruiva

Next chapter will be intresting. Atelier… Oil. Big bed. La boheme!


“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.”

Frank Zappa



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