Drive Thru: Chouriço Overdose

russel bierke

Life is short. Thought it was time to go for a spin. The swell looked massive, maybe too big for Ericeira and too west for Nazare, but decided to roll the dice with my friend Sebastian Salty Frames anyway. Stoped in Alentejo to have a cofee and buy some bread and local chouriço. Stayed with the local legend Tiago Oliveira at Ribeira Surf Vila, a nice place just behind the main breaks.

maxed out ericeira

Alex Botelho, Tom Lowe, Nic von Rupp, Torry Meister and Russel Bierke were around so some crazy stuff was sure to happen. Next morning we drove straight to Nazare and got to watch Alex towing in some nice 15 footers. No biggie. Drove back south a bit to this perfect left hand slab just in time to watch Tom Lowe and Russel Bierke tuck in some wild big caverns.

tom lowe
russel bierke

Next couple of days were spend meeting old friends eating chouriço and drinking beer and wine.  We drove around, but the waves kind of sucked. Lunch time was at O Pescador and diner at Tasca da Boa Viagem. Epic.

building swell
evening sickness

The chouriço started to take it´s toll on my belly so we decided to go back to the beautiful Algarve. It´s always great to hit the road, even if you don´t really score, besides Sebastian fixed his Wave Solutions housing and I got to buy some Dafin fins at Wave Gliders Surfshop. Most of all it was great to see Tiago, Luis, Nic, etc.

nic von rupp

Do Not Build Fortresses To Protect Yourself Isolation Is Dangerous

Robert Greene


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