Duct Tape Invitational: Portugal


Got a ride to Ericeira for this. Thing. Legend Joel Tudor likes weed, I heard. I also heard this was about style. Well, if I wasn´t there I wouldn´t believe it: the master drinking cheap beer… Waffles and hotdogs as food!? No wonder the winners were “not so stylish” competitive surfers. Thank God awesome surfers like Alex Knost were (still) in the mix. Moderation with moderation, I get it…

Awesome Surfer
Competitive Surfer II

There were some beautiful gliding from Eurico Romaguera and Diogo Appleton, I know… And some cool parties, I heard. Don´t get me wrong, the ride was great, but maybe I am too spoiled used to amazing festivals like the Gliding barnacles. You see, the problem is me.

Time for P
Nice girl
Nice girls

Contest or festival? Not sure if competition belongs in classic longboarding, but either way you are gonna regret it. Just look cool. Money is fashion. Waffles or not, enjoyed the Time for T show, though. Actually I had goose barnacles and red wine. It was funny to see the mayor´s face checking that.

Hot dogs
Competitive Surfer I

Had a nice swim during the finals, felt great to detox a bit in the ocean. I think I got great shots, at least compared to what I saw in the media. To be honest I was only interested in shooting Justine Mauvin and Alex Knost. Congratulations to them!

How come?
The problem is me?

All in all it was a great weekend, thanks Joel Tudor and Vans for bringing this event to my country and sorry for this post´s sweet/bitterness. Maybe it´s my portuguese fado nostalgic side or maybe not.

The Bays


“This is why we keep doing these events, to remind people how things are supposed to be. Surfing can have its geared up athletes, but that’s not us. It’s not most of us.”

Joel Tudor


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