It´s A Narrow Open Road: Part III


Upwards over the mountain, Sintra mountain. As I expected the wind kind of stopped up here. Thought about checking Praia Grande, rang monster tube hunter Nic von Rupp, but he didn´t anwser. No reception inside Indo tubes… Time to enjoy my country´s feelings.

azenhas do mar
cross roads

Lost myself again and ended up at Magoito beach. Just how I like it, a good excuse to have a couple beers with the locals. Phoned Ericeira local boy Gonçalo Osório to help me out and he told me to fuck off, basically. Perfect.

sao juliao

Eventually arrived at Ericeira just in time to watch my kid´s Eurico Romaguera, aka Kiko, short film premier. It´s called Aequatio and was shot and edited by Daniel Espirito Santo, a very talented dude. We had tasty pregos and cheap red wine, but didn´t drop acids.

me and daniel
poster boy kiko
blue carpet

The cinema was packed. Ericeira is a really cool surf village and despite the terrible weather we are having, it´s full of life with northern europe enthusiasts filling every hole. Legend Miguel Ruivo told me his Laneez hostel guests were having surf lessons at 6:30 to avoid the crowd!


The movie was good, nice drone shots and an artistic feel to it. There was a party after for sure, but his time I left early and rested. I had more than 200 km to do. The waves sucked, still small, onshore so I decided to skip Peniche and go straight up.

o pescador

Stopped by my favourite restaurant in Ribamar to say hi to owner and nice guy Carlos, but it was to early. If you are around don´t forget to check the octopuss here. It´s also a meeting point for local surfers, with a great vibe and some pictures I took on the walls.

dazed and confused
marinha grande

Super tired, after almost 200 km full throttle at 70 km/hour, I had a rest at this little town. My great/great/great grandfather had a glass factory here with friend Rodrigo Champalimaud´s great/great/great grandfather. It then ended up with a cement factory at Cabo Mondego in Figueira da Foz.

xo carago!
atlantic road
Vieira de Leiria

At last someone answered my call. It was Paulho Cunha, another guest of Gonçalo Ruivo´s boat trips in Sumatra. He was off to this nice beach near his home where he surfs alone most of the time. We had a little surf watched arte xavega, an ancient fishing and I stayed for dinner. Snails and pork. Awsome.

cavalo lusitano
arte xavega

I have to thank Gonçalo from sumatransurfaris for the dozens of friends I made in more than ten boat trips we did from the Banyaks to Pagai south. Most of them are friends for life. I don´t see this guys in almost a decade and they greet me with open arms and smiles. Alohita!

figueira da foz

I did it, 500 km of suffering and smilling! I´ll take the train grand vitesse next time, but boy was it fun? It was a saturday night and all my friends in Figueira were going out, but this time I was smarter, the forecast looked fantastic and now I was gonna score some waves for sure.

found my phone

After unpacking had to go back to find my phone in the middle of the road, the cover was destroyed, but it was all good. I had puted under my balls after taking the victory lap shot at the bridge and it must have slipped. I would have had zero pictures… Lol


Todos os malandros tem sorte

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