It´s A Narrow Open Road: Part V

Stupid smartphone was, at last, sort of finished. It survived the asphalt and the rubber from the cars in Figueira da Foz for a while, but was now in a coma. Starting my trip back home and riding those 300 miles down south with no phone looked like the perfect way to finish this micro adventure. No pics, no friends, no nostalgia, no insurance calls, no nothing. Wrong!

António Pereira, a construction worker I met on this pit stop (having a beer), took me this picture chatting with charming portuguese celebrity Claudia Vieira. I told her I was riding my Vespa from Figueira da Foz to the Algarve and she said that is was so cool and she had one too. It was very unexpected to find someone like her on this desolate village in the middle of Alentejo. I asked her to take a selfie with me on my scooter which to she agreed. The problem was I had no phone… After a couple seconds of awkwardness António solved the problem with his device and was kind enough to send it to me through whatsapp.


Going down was much easier, it always is. Didn´t take the surfboard this time and had the wind on my back, I was riding this beautiful wave once again, this time faster, stronger. I took the old national road: Leiria, Rio Maior, Alenquer, Vila Franca, Pegões, Alcácer, Grandola, Mimosa (where I found Claudia) and just  8 hours later I was home at Manel Toino having a beer.

It felt great to finish this trip with a bang, well, not really, but it turned out to be a much richer experience than I thought it would be in the first place. It felt great to feel unknown, alone. I brought a bag pack back full of nothing and a hand full of places, smells, emotions. Its been done before, I know, Jack Kerouac, Hunter Thomson, Luis de Camoes. They have been there. Funny thing is that in the end it all feels pretty much like surfing, negotiating the whitewater, duckdiving big waves, waiting for the set, priority, staying calm, wiping out, keeping calm, pulling in when it all comes together and hoping for the best.


If you are around Pegoes and your home needs some love, call Antonio, he is a nice guy.


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