Orang Gudang

mc gony

I love living in the Algarve, kook territory nowadays… I don´t get to shoot pro surfers that much. I really don´t care because I like to take pics of empty waves, seascapes, etc anyway, but it was allright to hang out with Marlon, Gony and specially guest Tanner Gudauskas for a change though. This guys turned up for a week or so and I joined them for a couple of days.

tanner and marlon
marlon and tanner

The light at Tonel was nice, but the waves were kind of small, not much happening… Had a plane b… Not really,  but I live in a serendipity mode so I took advantage of the huge tide and cached the most delicious mussels.

sexy beast

Next session was a bit better. We stopped at Miradouro to check the waves from the top of the cliff. There were this A frames rolling through and the boys went out, despite the onshore wind.

my spot
anti kooks

A bit boring, I know. I like heights. It was allright.

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.”
Abraham Lincoln



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