The Unexpected Wasted Talent Movie Premier In Lagos


I was surfing the the point at Ponta Ruiva when my friend Mealha told me Chipa Wilson was going crazy in the beach break. I heard Wasted Talent mag crew was around so had my gear at the car. Caught a wave in, got my housing ready and went for a swim. Got to shoot the end of the session and managed to get one of the best airs Brendon “Geebs” Gibbons has done in a long time. I was happy because a couple of years ago I just missed Craig Anderson in Sagres and last time it was Dion Agus surfing in Beliche while I had chicken in Monchique mountain.

After another human drone sesh at Arrifana with Alex Botelho and Eurico Romaguera, I went down to check Zavial and also managed to score the end of this boys surf there. Finally nailing a couple of nice shots of Chipa. I am not obsessed with photographing surfing celebrities, but this particular dudes are famous for a reason and that is impeccable style and original repertoire. We are getting super tired of all this kooks coming from northern europe. Besides they turned out to be to nice folks even kind of goofy on land.

back at the scene of the crime

After the movie premiere at Mellow Loco, which were super cool with great vibes and the presence of Marlon and Melvin Lipke, Gony Zubizarreta, Ashton Goggans, Austin Burns, etc, there was this last session at Ponta Ruiva.

shark attack

We patiently waited for tide to fill in, unfortunately the surf stayed a bit wonky for this guy´s crazy airs, but I got a couple epic shots nevertheless.

anti kooks
chipa dancing in the rain

A heavy rain squall prematurely ended this shoot, but boy was it refreshing to see some true surfers rip for a change. Their trip down here served us as strong medication for this kooks, yoga teachers and surfcamp virus that plague us this days.


“The truly creative changes and big shifts occur right at the edge of chaos.”

Robert Bilder


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