Crème De La Crème

shape me one

I started logging some years ago after I saw Gato Heroi surfing at the Salinas Longboard festival, back in the day. It was not easy for me to make the transition after 3 decades of carving on little thrusters. I was only riding single fins at the end, but still I struggled.

cutback variations

The finesse needed is insane, in comparison to a short board, this are big beasts you have to tame. Anyway I got to shoot and hangout a bit with Robin at this years Gliding Barnacles in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. He seems to be doing great, shaping and making some cool clothing too.


I think that competitive surfing is going nowhere, as I predicted years ago. Some dudes are still pushing it, like Italo, Medina and Toledo, but guys with unique styles as Chipa, Craig, Noa and cia will be the guys to watch. And classic surfing will never go out of style, of course, that´s why it´s called classic.

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