Russel Brek

russel bierke

There should be a comma in the title. I wouldn´t mind the name Russel though, kiwi Russel Crow is a cool bloke and this kid… what a bout Russel Bierke? Maybe the most talked surfer of the moment, right? His clip FLOWSTATE is setting the surf world on fire, for sure! Well, I met him not that long ago around Ericeira and got to shoot him in this particular tumultuous session, check it out:


Torrey Meister broke a rib or something early on and went to the hospital, Nic von Rupp got a few, but Russel totally dominated this sketchy semi secret spot.

north atlatinc juice
dinosaur footprints

He also ate some shit and broke a couple of boards, showing how it is done in this sequence. How to break break a board and get out of it unscratched.



I don´t drive much around Portugal chasing this shit, but I seem to find epic surf quite regularly. Last year it was Albee Layer at Cave, Chipa recently… Can´t wait for this winter, forecast is looking good!

not egipt

Check out The Clip!

win some loose some

“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Good job mate!

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