Born in Figueira da Foz, rugged in the cliffs of Sagres and warmed in the aromatic tubes of Indonesia. João Bracourt aka Brek was a 2013 Red Bull Illume photography competition finalist, did commissioned work for Mercedes and Nike and published in the best surfing magazines (The Surfers Journal, Stab, Surfer).


Currently living in the Algarve, Portugal, he´s been busy surfing and photographing around the southwestern tip of Europe. Sagres has always been a sacred place for him.


“One must be a sea, to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure.”



23 thoughts on “About

  1. Bagusss!

    Nice website! Brek is a great photophapher and beer drinker too. 🙂
    He’s got a lot of potential! Really good shooting in the water!

    Have a nice 1 amigoo!


  2. Hello Joao, i want to ask you some questions, could you please call me back about camera rental. Thank you, Mike 939.203.155

    Ps i am also a friend of Kasper van Nuland and Tiago Grosso

    1. Sure Steph, get a ferry to Tuapejat or Siberut, stay with some indonesian family, they are good people and deserve our money better. drop me an email. Sampai jumpa lagi!

  3. Que excelentes fotos (enquadramento,art,estilo,cores,surfers,etc)…, e de grande excelente qualidade, és um dos melhores fotógrafos de surf do mundo.
    Sao pessoas como tu que me fazem sentir em casa cada vez que vejo as tuas fotos desde aqui de Espanha e sentir que sou de um Algarve maravilhoso e de um dos melhores cenários naturais de surf do mundo “costa vicentina” Algarve.
    Parabens, espero um dia destes te poder contratar para uns trabalhos com as marcas que represento aqui em España.
    Juca Morais

  4. Hi Joao
    I hope all is well with you. I saw that you had abandoned Facebook and I understand you very well because I too itches it. I still receive your newsletter and so I see you’re still in the groove. I made a quick transition this winter with my wife, but they have a funny story with my dog. This idit to eat an octopus on the beach but inside there was a hook. So you had to find a veterinary clinic in Portimao (thanks to your ex fiancé Vanessa) and then keep the dog calm because he had been operated on. It was a success fortunately.
    Here is the madness of summer with tourists everywhere and not much surfing. I’m going back in October to do a photo report on the Costa Vincentina and Algave still for the campers magazine. I hope hearing from you. And looking forward to seeing you at your place around a good bottle of wine.

  5. Bom dia João,

    Chamo me Tomaz. Antes d mais gostava de dar te os parabens pelo teu trabalho.

    Tinha um pedido a fazer te. Fui pai dia 2 de outubro e gostava de saber se por acaso tiveste a tirar fotos ao mar nesse dia? Deram altas ondas e gostava de ter uma fotografia de uma onda, set a entrar sem nibgurm para poder imprimir em a3 e por no quarto do Miguel, futuro atleta practicante de surf eheh espero eu….


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