Hi, I´m João Bracourt aka Brek.

I am a photographer living in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal.

arrifana 2008

I have published in the world´s best surfing magazines (The Surfers Journal, Stab and Surfing), worked with some big companies (Nike and Mercedes), won awards (Red Bull Illume), collaborated in various books (Sumatra: return to paradise and Ericeira: world surfing reserve). Some of my work is exhibit at 6feetandperfect gallery in Paris.

I have been featured in interviews in Stab, Onfire Surf, Surf Portugal and Essential magazines; tv episodes like Always on the road and Travel Basecamp and some radio shows like Rádio Cidade FM and Rádio Alvor.

I am a Retro Movement, Sorensen, Surfears and Jam Traction ambassador.


Believe it or not I am the surfer in this keytrade comercial (Belgium´s biggest bank).

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

Charles Eames


20 thoughts on “About

  1. Bagusss!

    Nice website! Brek is a great photophapher and beer drinker too. 🙂
    He’s got a lot of potential! Really good shooting in the water!

    Have a nice 1 amigoo!


  2. Hello Joao, i want to ask you some questions, could you please call me back about camera rental. Thank you, Mike 939.203.155

    Ps i am also a friend of Kasper van Nuland and Tiago Grosso

    1. Sure Steph, get a ferry to Tuapejat or Siberut, stay with some indonesian family, they are good people and deserve our money better. drop me an email. Sampai jumpa lagi!

  3. Que excelentes fotos (enquadramento,art,estilo,cores,surfers,etc)…, e de grande excelente qualidade, és um dos melhores fotógrafos de surf do mundo.
    Sao pessoas como tu que me fazem sentir em casa cada vez que vejo as tuas fotos desde aqui de Espanha e sentir que sou de um Algarve maravilhoso e de um dos melhores cenários naturais de surf do mundo “costa vicentina” Algarve.
    Parabens, espero um dia destes te poder contratar para uns trabalhos com as marcas que represento aqui em España.
    Juca Morais

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