Behind the Lens

Check out this piece Surfer magazine did with the photo I took of Tiago Pires while I was catching perceves (goose barnacles):

Portugal’s coastline is rich with waves. From the shifting sand banks of Supertubos to that scary mountainous monster Nazaré to the shallow, why am I out here? kind of slab known as The Cave, the variation of waves on its coastline is remarkable. It’s no wonder this place grooms such well-rounded surfers. Of them, Tiago Pires has gained the most professional notoriety. He’s made his mark on the World Tour and has been known to stack some of the deepest, hairiest tubes. Recently, Pires was spotted taking his barrel-riding to the throat of a particular wave in Ericeira.

perceves for lunch

Photographer Joao “Brek” Bracourt explains:

I drove up to Ericeira for a couple of days, from my place down south near Sagres, Portugal, as the forecast looked good and I was amped to shoot some old friends. The swell was solid for three days. The first day was super west and there were a lot of bombs on the main peak of [this wave]. The second day was super perfect. The swell was more northwest so the slab at the top of the point was working flawlessly. Big wave surfer Alex Botelho was on it and dominated, with 18 or so completed stand-up barrels. On the last day, Tiago Pires turned up and proved that he’s still the Portuguese prince, stacking a few bombs that spat him out of the tube really hard. I captured this pic of him, of which I am really proud, because it´s hard to get a new perspective of [this wave]. I shot it with a 50mm lens on a full-frame body.


They also made this photo gallery called Terra de Ouriços.

Thanks Tiago Oliveira for letting us crash at Ribeira Surf Camp, Luis Duarte for the 9 kilo seabass at Tasca da Boa Viagem and Tobias Ilsanker for my portrait!

“Despise The Free Lunch”
Robert Greene


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