Marlon and Melvin Lipke organized this little cerimony to hand me my new friend funded Nikon D810 camera at Mellow loco Bar in Lagos! Super stocked to be able to continue document our oceans moods, etc. Thankyou so much guys. Every shutter auctuation made with this camera will be yours too. I promise I won´t drop … Continue reading Thankyou


Master Cleanse: Before & After

Feeling way happier and healthier, thanks Kelly for the tip! This last picture was taken after a big lunch, we call it sardinhada. I ate sardines, salad a little bit of bread and drank wine! I am just cutting on carbohydrates. Last night had a couple of beers too and Gin tonic, eheh! Need to … Continue reading Master Cleanse: Before & After


A kind of a surf friends gathering happened at Figueira da Foz this late August. It was supposed to be a competition in wich the best surf footage would win, but Gliding Barnicles was more about free loging and great rock roll concerts. There were also art displays, a shape room, a bing surfboards stand … Continue reading OUT OF THE BLUE: GLIDING BARNACLES AT FIGUEIRA DA FOZ

Searching For Xana

Met up with Aaron Chang and some american pro surfers at Ponta Ruiva back in the day. Xana, a long time hardcore explorer of this mythical coast, was on it and stealed the show. He later apeared surfing on a national tv show with Brad Gerlach sharing some kind words about him. After some years … Continue reading Searching For Xana

My Influencies

Most of my influencies are from people outside photography, I think this is great because it gives you less chance of copying their style and focus more on understanding their vision. Music -  Frank Zappa Cinema -  Cohen brothers Painter - Robert Rauschenberg Philosopher - Nietzsche Cientist - Nassim Taleb Photographer - Roger Ballen Surfer - Tom Curren … Continue reading My Influencies