Roby D´Amico And His Magic Gopro

Ain´t this great? Italian friend Roby D´Amico and I sharing this moment from diferent angles.  Just another drone photographing this and it would be awsome.

check out the gopro on his mouth
peace brother

So many possibilities, what a great time to be a photographer !


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Fort of São João do Arade

By chance I happenned to bump into Manuel Dantas, Neorion skipper, in my home town Portimão. He is a keen longboarder so I have been showing him around. Never thought I would get this shot of him surfing this rare wave though.

my oh my

Intresting I got him to surf this “wave” in front of Fort of Ferragudo. He is a history fanatic like me and has recommend me Martin Page and Rainer Daehnhardt.

sailing his way to the harbour
another version of sandspit

Manuel is preparing another oceanic crossing so we will be in touch for a couple of days more. Who knows if I will join him too, hope I have the guts to leave my love.

112 feet schooner ready to go


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Who Needs Ass With A Face Like This

baby is onfire clip framegrab

Showing your arse has been the hot manouver in the books for the surfer girls for the last years. Even this south african band had an Alana thing going on on their baby is onfire clip I reckon, humhum…

hotter than january

My friend Mazari has been on the model thing and all, but doesnt need to stick it out that much. She also has a normal bikini perverts!

oh yeah!

She can surf and shes pretty normal. I like her. Anyway check out Die Antwoord´s clip here and her blog here.


The Dangerous Process of Goose Barnacles Harvesting

“We were referred to a surf photographer João Bracourt AKA ‘’Brek’’. Brek was keen on the idea of being our host and accepted to bring us to his secret spot. Our mind was blown by the beauty of the landscape and our tastebuds were in paradise. We were blessed!” Travel Basecamp

Had the pleasure to host this guys around Sagres and showing them a bit of perceves picking, check it out!

The dangerous job of harvesting goose Barnacles in Lagos – Video 2/4 from TRAVEL BASECAMP on Vimeo.