SurfEars 3.0

I have been happily using SurfEars for quite some time now.  I have acute exostosis aka surfers ear so I can´t live without them. SurfEars 3.0 is now available in shops around the world and online with new features, check it out! I haven´t got mine yet, but my impression is that their are softer, more ergonomic … Continue reading SurfEars 3.0


Master Cleanse: Before & After

Feeling way happier and healthier, thanks Kelly for the tip! This last picture was taken after a big lunch, we call it sardinhada. I ate sardines, salad a little bit of bread and drank wine! I am just cutting on carbohydrates. Last night had a couple of beers too and Gin tonic, eheh! Need to … Continue reading Master Cleanse: Before & After

Master Cleanse: Day 3

Doing good on my first master cleanse. Feeling light, calm with clear vision. The only shit is the shit: getting rid of it... The salt water flush is quite effective, but is always a pain. Don´t know about the Senna tea I am taking, it´s not doing much. Also got this white tongue, but it´s normal … Continue reading Master Cleanse: Day 3