Bad Call


Way out north there was this fella I wanna tell ya about. Goes by the name of Eurico Romaguera. At least that was the handle his loving parents gave him, but he never had much use for it himself. See, this Romaguera, he called himself “Kiko”. Got a chance to shoot him logging around Sagres a couple of weeks ago, a cool cat.

fake hangfive at castelejo

The intro text was copied from Big Lebowski movie, one of my times favourite, but check this dudes style, totally legit!

poised at zavial
just be

We were tracking this mistery swell that never turned up… Super bad call, it had been pumping a couple of days ago. By the way he lost his wallet, checked the water temperature somking a cigarette and he was very selective with hot girls.

“A wiser fella once said, sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well, the bar eats you.”

Big Lebowski

I think he meant the bear.

Sometimes you win sometimes you loose…


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Fort of São João do Arade

By chance I happenned to bump into Manuel Dantas, Neorion skipper, in my home town Portimão. He is a keen longboarder so I have been showing him around. Never thought I would get this shot of him surfing this rare wave though.

my oh my

Intresting I got him to surf this “wave” in front of Fort of Ferragudo. He is a history fanatic like me and has recommend me Martin Page and Rainer Daehnhardt.

sailing his way to the harbour
another version of sandspit

Manuel is preparing another oceanic crossing so we will be in touch for a couple of days more. Who knows if I will join him too, hope I have the guts to leave my love.

112 feet schooner ready to go


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Castelejo Longboard Classic

Small waves and friendly longboarders yesterday! We just randomly got to the beach and suddenly we were like 10 loggers in the water. Had to get in for a while and shoot the crew, check it out:


Happy campers, despite the overcast and little showers.

With the presence of portuguese longboard champ João Dantas!


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Random Surfers: Nelson Paulino

Here is Nelson Paulino aka Kid ex biker and good bloke: He says only surfs backside and backflip, sells meat and meat and his secret plan is secret.

Brek: How long have you been surfing?

Nelson: 3 years now, never thought I could do it, just liked being in the water and being a kook.

Brek: Do you remmember your first good ride?

Nelson: Yes it was with Luis Sena at Praia da Rocha.

Brek: What´s your regular spot?

Nelson: Praia da Rocha.


Brek: What type of surfboard do you ride?

Nelson: Longboard, thick.

Brek: Have you had any trouble in the water?

Nelson: Taking pictures: a guy named Brek runned me over at Arrifana once while I was taking pictures with a gopro.

Brek: Where was the best session you had lately?

Nelson: I never had a good session.

always a standout

Brek: What´s your favorite food?

Nelson: Meat (bacalhau).

Brek: Any message you want to leave here?

Nelson: De manhã é que estava bom!

a good bad boy


Random Surfers: Maria

Here is Maria, daughter of Joao Rosario, former portuguese spearfishing champion. Beware. She was into sailing, but started surfing full on an year ago. Its a blessing to have her big smile in the water.

not just another pretty face

Brek: How long have you been surfing? 

M: 1 year

Brek: Do you remmember your first good ride? 

M: No but I have some fun ones stuck in my head!

Brek: What´s your regular spot?

M: Praia da Rocha.

go girl

Brek: What´s your favourite type of surfboard?

M: Longboard.

Brek: Have you had any trouble in the water?

M: Cold water is not for me.

Brek: Where was the best session you had lately?

M: Chambre d’Amour,France nice tubes, glass, hot water and a bunch of friends.

dont drop in

Brek: What´s your favorite food?

M:  Anything but meat, seafood is perfect for me.

Brek: Any message you want to leave for the surf community?

M: Live everyday like it was the last!


Radio Camping


Catched up with Lee Ann Curren once again. She had a great crew coming here this time: two skaters and a longboarder. I got to shoot her at Praia da Rocha and Arrifana, small and big surf, always super fun! Here´s a couple pics, check it out.