Moody Waters

I can be moody. Maybe that´s the ocean. If you go with the flow it means you have to go fast then slow, then stop, repeat and viceversa. Stability is a bad sign, I heard when your heart is beating to the same pace all day your are in trouble. Mine isn´t. I also heard … Continue reading Moody Waters



Have you ever thought of this? We are relaxing waiting for set waves and this guys are hustling to catch a sargo, robalo or dourada. They need to pay for gas, bait and hopefully sell some, at least feed their family... If I could I would give them a best supporting actor award! Check out … Continue reading Fishermen

Random Non Surfers: Isidro

This is a dude that sits in Vila do Bispos garbage cans, asks you for cigs, etc, but is super mellow. Kind of a cool sociopath... I like him. By him some cokes brothers. Dont steal water angry campers, you suck! Bye the way, I saw more fucked ups on my latest post... Follow me on … Continue reading Random Non Surfers: Isidro


Bodysurfing Huge Nazaré With Kalani

  While Macnamara and cia were motoring their way into some bombs last monday at Praia do Norte Kalani Lattanzi was out on a body board. He lost the board, tried to find it and eventually gave up, I think, and went bodysurfing for at least one hour. Surfing magazine runned a piece on him, … Continue reading Bodysurfing Huge Nazaré With Kalani


Random Surfers: Nelson Paulino

Here is Nelson Paulino aka Kid ex biker and good bloke: He says only surfs backside and backflip, sells meat and meat and his secret plan is secret. Brek: How long have you been surfing? Nelson: 3 years now, never thought I could do it, just liked being in the water and being a kook. … Continue reading Random Surfers: Nelson Paulino


Master Cleanse: Before & After

Feeling way happier and healthier, thanks Kelly for the tip! This last picture was taken after a big lunch, we call it sardinhada. I ate sardines, salad a little bit of bread and drank wine! I am just cutting on carbohydrates. Last night had a couple of beers too and Gin tonic, eheh! Need to … Continue reading Master Cleanse: Before & After


Master Cleanse: Conclusion

Had to start drinking orange juice on day 6 since I had to work that day and needed more energy. On day seven I started to eat soup and on day 8 regular food. I am not eating white food (rice, bread, milk, etc). I lost 10 kilos, I am 1, 84cm tall and now … Continue reading Master Cleanse: Conclusion