Print Is Not Dead

A couple of months I published a couple of photos in Italy and now Germany. Incridible how people still buy magazines! I used to steal them when I was 15, that´s how I learned english. Now they steal from me, most of the times, lol.

marlon lipke inside a cordies barrel

Like most germans this guys from Prime Surfing are good, though.


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Print Is Not Dead: Surf Session

les fromages de la belle france

It´s always nice to see your photos on paper, either it´s on a wall or on a magazine. Thanks Surf Session for somehow surviving this new times and Lee Ann for turning up!

so cute

“You must understand the following: In order to master a field, you must love the subject and feel a profound connection to it. Your interest must transcend the field itself and border on the religious.”
Robert Greene


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Barnacles & Tiago Pires

Drove up to Ericeira for a couple of days to see some old friends. The waves pumped and I took a few photos between havesting perceves. Happens that one pic of Tiago Pires came out nice, maybe because of the low perspective or the 50mm lens. It was chosen for Surfer magazine behind the lens, check it out!

nice barnacles tiago!

Thanks Tiago Oliveira for letting us crash in Ribeira Surf Camp and Luis Duarte for the epic fish at Tasca da Boa Viagem!

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.
Robert Greene


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Bodysurfing Huge Nazaré With Kalani


Biggest duck dive ever!

While Macnamara and cia were motoring their way into some bombs last monday at Praia do Norte Kalani Lattanzi was out on a body board. He lost the board, tried to find it and eventually gave up, I think, and went bodysurfing for at least one hour.

Here he goes!

Surfing magazine runned a piece on him, check it out here.


I Shot a Wedding

Had the honor to photograph my dear friends Rodrigo and Thais wedding the other day. It was a beautiful simple ceremony by the beach. No poses for the camera, no priest, just love. All the best for you and thanks for the inspiration guys!

Ah, forgot to tell you: my girlfriend searched for Praia da Falesia on the GPS and we ended up being in the other side of the beach, a beach that is 8 miles long! We had to run and walk back all the way back. I am glad we took a torch from the beach bar on the way back…