Oops I Did It Again!

Managed to destroy my beloved Nikon D810. I wished cameras were antifragile... It´s focusing erraticlly and giving me smudged images. I hope it can be fixed. Shit! Last year I broke the Nikon D800... I am just a kook photographer. "Almost all people answer that the opposite of "fragile" is "robust", "resilient", "solid", or something … Continue reading Oops I Did It Again!


2017: The Friendly Year

2017 will stay in my heart as the friends year! They teached me a very humble lesson: when you give a little you get a ton in return. This couple of slideshows are my year in review. Thanks for the good times guys. Friends will be friends! To the end. “In heaven, all the interesting … Continue reading 2017: The Friendly Year

Sliding Society

Went to Faro for this longboarding contest to have some wine with old friends, the waves sucked, but who cares even met new ones like João Lima and Diogo Gonçalves. Almost made a tatoo with Catherina Cardoso too, ahah! Check out the action. Thanks Necas for the nice event, always nice to go back to … Continue reading Sliding Society

Nice To See You

This is legendary Ivo Cação near my home town! I have been trying to get him back down here for ages. This time Zavial was the excuse, but it was almost flat. We scored Tonel today tough! Warm water and all, check it out! The wonder kid was ripping in trunks, getting some nice barrels … Continue reading Nice To See You

Não, Não, Não!

Went up to my city of birth Figueira da Foz to watch the Liga Meo Pro Surf event. The waves were good on the first days. Catched up with my friends Eurico Gonçalves and Miguel Figueira from the SOS Cabedelo organization. This poilicians are trying to build a wall in front of Cabedelo´s wave, that´s … Continue reading Não, Não, Não!