You can go down. Face plant. It is not your decision to come up. Some times you die. It is not the end. Ahah, just some weird thoughts about life hitting you. The ego is your enemy? Reality check? Lessons? Enjoy the ride maybe. Still no camera in my hand. Fck! "The composer refuses to die." … Continue reading Meditation


Magic Hands

If you are around the Algarves and need a surfboard repair, ask for this guy at any surfshop. His name is Luis and he is the best at fixing dings around here. Taliban from joao bracourt on Vimeo. Follow me on Instagram!

Roby D´Amico And His Magic Gopro

Ain´t this great? Italian friend Roby D´Amico and I sharing this moment from diferent angles.  Just another drone photographing this and it would be awsome. So many possibilities, what a great time to be a photographer ! Follow me on Instagram!

Casa da Tocha: Vernissage

This friday 13th was the opening of my last photographic exhibition at this beautiful place Casa da Tocha in Portimão, Algarve, Portugal. It´s a series of pics called Oestreminis wich means extreme west. I am too tired to say much now, but it was worth the effort, I think it was a great gallery show. Thanks for having … Continue reading Casa da Tocha: Vernissage

Rocha Surf Shop Cocktail Party

No selfies here, just my lowsy chinese smartphone pics from the party yesterday at Rocha surfshop, with the presence of pro surfers Gony Zubizarreta and Marlon Lipke, check it out! Follow me on Instagram!