Heat or High Water

Uploaded a video about the 2016 Peniche Pro and big swell at Nazare during the same period. It was all shot with a Sony RX10 iii I am currently selling. It shoots 4k and 240 fps at full hd, check it out! Heat or High Water from joao bracourt on Vimeo. This pics were also shot … Continue reading Heat or High Water


(இணைப்பு): Trailer

Super proud of my dear friend Loïc Wirth doing this great imagery! I met him here in the Algarve a few years ago, he´s a Sagres fanatic like me. Last year he brought a big crew to film at the southwestern tip of europe, but the ocean went flat... Check his new movie trailer, this … Continue reading (இணைப்பு): Trailer

Perfect Chapter?

Went up to Nazaré one more time for the Capitulo Perfeito. It´s a contest where the barrel is suposed to be the king manouver. It´s kind of hard in pratice to run a competition like that... My "neighboors" Marlon Lipke and Alex Botelho didn´t adapt to the conditions and got out soon. The organization did … Continue reading Perfect Chapter?


Super session here down south mates! Vasco, Yannick and Marlon lit it up here in the sunshine coast of the Algarve. Hotter than July dudes! Yannick´s wim hof´s pratices (or girlfriend)kept him late, but was shredding has usual. You should have been here yesterday! Lacobriga from joao bracourt on Vimeo.

Nazare: From Where I Stood

https://vimeo.com/78419842 Missed Maya´s drowning, but enjoyed a good coffee with the local people on the other side of the bay where I got this diferent angle of the action. That´s one of the pics I took during the above clip. I konw by now you are fed up with this, but check all my shots … Continue reading Nazare: From Where I Stood

Not Too Selfish To Save Waves

https://vimeo.com/77481562 For those who don´t understand shit about portuguese, this guy Eurico Gonçalves has been travelling the world with his mate award winning arquitect Miguel Figueira trying to save waves. I recently catched up with them here in the beautiful Algarve during a seminar they were invited to and spent some quality time with my … Continue reading Not Too Selfish To Save Waves

Last Trip to Sumatra

http://youtu.be/UzcR7FbF_6g Travelling in the barrel with my mates hooting from the channel brough me back the joy of surfing. This trip has been a game change for me, sick of professional surfing, spoiled kids, etc. I still enjoy shooting guys charging, but I think am going back to the roots. Can´t wait to get a … Continue reading Last Trip to Sumatra