Heat or High Water

Uploaded a video about the 2016 Peniche Pro and big swell at Nazare during the same period. It was all shot with a Sony RX10 iii I am currently selling. It shoots 4k and 240 fps at full hd, check it out!

Heat or High Water from joao bracourt on Vimeo.

This pics were also shot with it, it´s got a 24-600mm equivalent!

I bought a used Nikon d800 wich I need for my fine art stuff…


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(இணைப்பு): Trailer

Super proud of my dear friend Loïc Wirth doing this great imagery! I met him here in the Algarve a few years ago, he´s a Sagres fanatic like me. Last year he brought a big crew to film at the southwestern tip of europe, but the ocean went flat…

gliding at beliche

Check his new movie trailer, this guy is getting better and better!

Spread the love guys!

next time there will be waves

“O invisível aos olhos
Por estar dentro de onde existir amor
Obrigado por nos ensinar a voar…”

Loïc Wirth


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Perfect Chapter?

Went up to Nazaré one more time for the Capitulo Perfeito. It´s a contest where the barrel is suposed to be the king manouver. It´s kind of hard in pratice to run a competition like that…

lost me boys

My “neighboors” Marlon Lipke and Alex Botelho didn´t adapt to the conditions and got out soon. The organization did a great job, but the waves weren´t big, barreling or ripable… Me boys got lost in the line up looking for barreling waves that mushed out.


Alex didn´t know what to do, specially after surfing this place in the 15 to 20 foot range last week, Marlon on the other hand carved his way into defeat in style. Bummer, check this clip of my brief return to the new meca of Portugal´s surfing!





Ice boy Yannick de Jager

Super session here down south mates! Vasco, Yannick and Marlon lit it up here in the sunshine coast of the Algarve. Hotter than July dudes! Yannick´s wim hof´s pratices (or girlfriend)kept him late, but was shredding has usual.

You should have been here yesterday!

The Hulk


Lacobriga from joao bracourt on Vimeo.

Nazare: From Where I Stood

Missed Maya´s drowning, but enjoyed a good coffee with the local people on the other side of the bay where I got this diferent angle of the action.

Wake up and smell the coffee
Wake up and smell the coffee

That´s one of the pics I took during the above clip. I konw by now you are fed up with this, but check all my shots at The Inertia anyway, at least they are black and white, lol.

Not Too Selfish To Save Waves

For those who don´t understand shit about portuguese, this guy Eurico Gonçalves has been travelling the world with his mate award winning arquitect Miguel Figueira trying to save waves. I recently catched up with them here in the beautiful Algarve during a seminar they were invited to and spent some quality time with my family and shared some nice waves with this guys too. Check their thing here: SOS Cabedelo.

Last Trip to Sumatra

Travelling in the barrel with my mates hooting from the channel brough me back the joy of surfing. This trip has been a game change for me, sick of professional surfing, spoiled kids, etc. I still enjoy shooting guys charging, but I think am going back to the roots. Can´t wait to get a classic surfboard under my feet.

sea you soon mentawai
sea you soon mentawai

Thanks Gonçalo Ruivo from Mikumba Fish Boat, Twothirds, FCS, Gilles Vieira for lending me his Surfboard and Sujud for filming me.