Between Lagos and Aljezur is where I am happy shooting the surf, check out this selection of pics from this wild piece of coastline, where I am privileged to roam.

Historically Freighted

You´de need an internationally recognized creativelicense to say that this reef once ran red with blood. But it´s no stretch to call this coastal municipality emabttled – at least historically. Moors and Christians fought to death here in devotion to their respective One True God. Islam was eventually beaten back to the desert, wich goes a long way in explaining why th place names aren´t in Arabic.

In later centuries the local ports coughed up some of the world´s great seaborne explorers, most notably Henry the Navigator. Today moderns in the region navigate the dirt tracks in small, eficient diesel wagons, intent on finding protection from the cape winds, wich can be significant. Scenarios like the one pictured provide relief.

The whole south facing coast is cut with rocky coves, offering protection from the big western blows. Between the headlands you´ll find golden, large grained beaches -suitable for the apreciation of the area´s wine, shellfish, and fierceely protected dark-eyed denizens. And if your skills are especially honed, you can zero in on an empty day
to remember, with sand-bottomed barrels pouring through from exactly the right direction.

The Surfers Journal

sean cusick

“And the promontory, sacrum, cliffs lashed by the waves,

land’s end Europe, howling wind, arrhythmic nets

pulled in by fishermen sharing half a bottle of wine

between them, raindrops the size of olive pits plinking

the clay rooftops, mi amor, minarets of the monastery

an architectural oxymoron not based on any gentility

principle that can be parsed in storm, dolmens jutting

from clay, granite eggs crosshatched with scored letters

in an ancient language—druidic?”

Ravi Shankar


28 thoughts on “Oestreminis

  1. Olá João.

    Tens fotos maravilhosas e nesse aspecto já tens tantos elogios que nem me vou alongar. Como pediste para comentar (no face) apenas te aconselhava a diversificares o teu objecto de inspiração. Gostava que o Algarve (gentes e paisagens actuais) e em particular o nosso Portimão, fosse mostrado pelas lentes de um fotógrafo talentoso como tu és.

  2. A única coisa que tenho a apontar é o numº das fotos.Deviam de ser o dobro.Gosto da fusão quantidade=qualidade.Grande abraço João.

  3. Quel travail ! Bravo.
    Je suis aussi photographe pro depuis 30 ans dans un domaine complètement différent. La photo culinaire.
    Je viens plusieurs fois par an en Alentejo et algarve avec ma famille. Nous adorons Lagos avec son ambiance grand village et sa douceur de vivre. J’ai déjà surfé aussi des vagues de top qualité à Logoa Santo André (au mois de avril 2012) et aussi Quartera en hiver… incroyable.
    Encore félicitation pour ton regard différent de la photo de surf et de l’amour de ton pays.
    Alain Vacheron

      1. I’ll try to write in english for the next time. For sure your place is fantastic. nice light nice feeling nice surf.
        I spend every years 3 or 4 weeks in Alentejo and Algarve and i still come back because you can discover good waves and place every time.
        A très bientôt.

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