Off The Well-Worn Path: The Azores


The Azores islands are really cool. This time we went to São Miguel. It´s really nice, super green with hot springs, hot baths and fun waves.
We got plenty of swell, 4 days from the south and 3 from the north. On the first days the boys (Jordan Spee and Eurico Romaguera ) were kind of bummed because of the crowds.

There was a wqs competition on and the pro surfers decided to stick around. Jordy and Kiko weren´t that happy to battle with them, plus they both broke their boards on the first day.

They decided to sleep 18 hours wich was cool because it let me go surfing by myself. I was a bit worried that they might be dead though… 18 hours, kids!
After some driving and drinking and checking the cool spots like the lagoons, etc I found a good right hander that suited logging and everybody was happy.
The night life was ok too. We got thrown out of 3 or 4 bars, we did good!

This article was featured in Rhythm blog. Words and Photos by Joao ‘Brek’ Bracourt


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