Everybody has shot nazaré´s huge waves from every angle. On this particular day Sebastian Steudner got the biggest wave of the year, but who cares. Thanks to my Sherpa, I shot Praia do Norte with this souvenir dolls on the foreground. It was published on the deseased Surfing magazine. Check it out!

They runned this philosophical text with it too:

Solipsism is the idea that the self is all that can be known to exist.

On the surface, that sounds weird. It sounds complex and esoteric. It sounds like something that you’d hear come out of the tattooed mouth of a yoga teacher leading his or her students on an internal crusade to the very core of enlightenment Whole Foods.

But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

We all see the world through different eyes. Our past experiences and genetic hardwiring converge to sculpt our attitude and notions, which create the filter though which we perceive reality. Everybody’s perspective is unique, and we’ll never truly understand what another individual is interpreting as real — so how can anything besides your own personal reality be known to exist? What you see is different from what I see and what I see is different from what she sees and what she sees is different from what he sees and what he sees is two dolls apparently getting intimate while watching an XXL day at Nazaré?


Hmmm. Reality. Sure is a trip…


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