Nic von Rupp and Marco Giorgi´s Secret Slab Video Check this video out: 3 days of barrel fest, 0 manouvers done, fortunately no one got hurt, despite this waves brutality. MagicSeaWeed article with my pics, etc here. Follow @jbracourt


Nic Von Rupp and Portuguese Slab

Just published this article in Surf portugal Mag. It was 3 intense days with hawaian surf, although I have never been to Hawaii, but I guess we can call Azores the portuguese Hawaii. Professional surfer Marco Giorgi was calling it 12 foot on the bigger sets... Here´s Nic on a bomb of of wave that … Continue reading Nic Von Rupp and Portuguese Slab

Gastão Intruder

Recently took a epic trip to Azores thanks to this guy (droping this mid atlantic bomb here). Besides being one of the best bodyboarders in the world, charges and is super funny and really cool to hang out with, thanks amigo. Follow @jbracourt Related articles From late March to mid-April 2013, SATA Airlines has a … Continue reading Gastão Intruder

There is Only One Messias

Watching Messias Felix win Sata Azores Pro was great, this humble buddy was loosing a heat and it started raining nails. In his interview, after he won that heat, he told us he thought about Ayrton Sena, how well he drove with rain... Classic stuff. I met the Messias last year in the Mentawai where … Continue reading There is Only One Messias